Training and Development

We are a highly successful lifestyle company, readymade exporter and buying agent with a global presence. Our aim is to continue our success. The abilities and commitment of those who work with us makes sure that together we are successful.

Our strength:

  • Strong network of vendors.
  • Capability to execute most difficult jobs
  • Expertise in initial sampling & patter making
  • Strict control on prices
  • Hi-fashion garment with lot of value addition
  • Variety of embroideries and patch/appliqué work, ethnic and exquisite handwork
  • Varieties of print in hand machine & all over
  • Different kind of washes and dying, antique look range, print options

Why Bangladesh:

Bangladesh –your perfect destination

  • Major industrial force & an established buying hub.
  • Traditional strength- locally availability of raw materials, low labor cost, duty & VAT exemption
  • A very strong industry in the fields of textile products information & technology, computer buying Bangladesh Economics & Logistics
  • Cost of effective production
  • Good workmanship
  • Centrally located & great logistics support

Apparel & Fashion wear:

  • Cotton growing country with one of the best cotton qualities in the world
  • Fully developed textile is truly fiber to fashion production center
  • Fully developed auxiliary industry to cater to the apparel and textile industry
  • Major industrial force & an established buying hub
  • Traditional strength-raw material-fabrics
  • Understanding of international fashion trends
  • Large production & timely delivers
  • Bangladesh price great buy

Our Establishment:

Idea Sourcing Limited establish on beginning of 2000 with the mission to co-operate foreign partners their markets effectively and efficiently.

Our Location:

At Dhaka city our office is beside The Zia International Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh and 10 minute drive from the new 5 star Hotel Radisson Water Garden.

Social responsibility:

Being a manufacture of the customer, UBNS Outline Fashion owns & controls production at the factories that produce our garments & are therefore in the best position to ensure labor compliance. Idea Sourcing Limited taking more aggressive steps to enforce the compliance of our clients with the law & our own standards specially mentioned issue

  • Assure there is no child & forced labor in factories
  • Assure our factories worker are paid in compliance with the working hour provisions of the fair labor standard
  • We strictly follow the local/ national labor factories acts 2965& SA 8000 standard
  • We assure that in our factories, safe & healthy working conditions adequate first-aid facility, fire exits & safe equipments are properly fitted.

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