LURP Sourcing always very much concern about Compliance, CSR, Environment, Fire Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and all suppliers under LURP Sourcing is responsible for maintaining the above all for the betterment of Business and Society. The above all Compliance and CSR activities refers to the business best practices involving initiatives which benefits the society and business.

Compliance Goal
  • Accelerating the business by creating a successful compliance program.
  • Minimizing business risk through safe, secure and environmental friendly workplaces where the goods are produced.
  • Increasing business reputation by fulfilling the customers requirement.
  • Achieving the trustworthiness of all business partners by commitment and transparency.


Quality Assurance -

LUP SOURCING - Quality Assurance Flow Char


Objectives of Quality Department -

The objective of the quality department for LURP Sourcing would be to ensure that all garments produced meet the required quality standards set by the company and its customers. This would include the following:

  1. Implementing and maintaining a quality management system: The quality department would be responsible for establishing and maintaining a quality management system that covers all aspects of the production process, from design to delivery.
  2. Communicating quality standards to suppliers: The quality department would work closely with suppliers to ensure that they understand the quality standards that need to be met and implement appropriate quality control measures.
  3. Conducting quality inspections: The quality department would conduct regular inspections of garments during the production process to identify any defects or quality issues. This would include both in-line inspections during production and final inspections before shipment.
  4. Implementing corrective actions: If any quality issues are identified during inspections, the quality department would work with suppliers to implement corrective actions to address the issues and prevent them from recurring.
  5. Continuous improvement: The quality department would continuously monitor and analyze quality data to identify areas for improvement in the production process and work with suppliers to implement changes that improve quality and reduce defects.

Overall, the objective of the quality department would be to ensure that all garments produced meet the required quality standards, are delivered on time, and meet customer expectations.

Functions of LURP SOURCING Quality Department :

  • Ensure right Quality Management System to ensure quality of product.
  • Perform Pre-Production Meeting-PP Meeting as per requirements.
  • Ensure right quality fabrics are using for right products as per buyers requirements.
  • Investigate and setting standards for quality as per buyers requirements.
  • Ensure manufacturing processes comply with buyer's product standard.
  • Verify right production process is on-going for the products as per buyer’s requirements.
  • Confirm SMS Sample, PP Sample, Fit Sample, Shipment Sample making and delivery on time.
  • Ensure proper Trims & Accessories for products as per buyer’s requirements.
  • Ensure right GSM, right fabrics, right measurement, right size, right dyeing & washing of products.
  • Execute & Implement during production time Inspection to verify the product.
  • Monitor and follow up Standard Operating Procedure-SOP for smooth quality and production.
  • Ensure before packing Inspection as per AQL Standard.
  • Correctly check workmanship defects and all general defects as per buyer’s requirements.
  • Ensure regular communication with buyers in case of any quality issues.
  • Ensure all Eco-Logical Parameters such as PH, color fastness, acid & alkali perspiration and etc.
  • Ensure &Confirm buyer’s specifications with tag pack sheet.
  • Ensure all incoming, in-process & final goods are properly inspected & documented.
  • Ensure all Inspection Standards and AQL are properly maintained and inspected.
  • Cooperate buyers for change, develop and improvement in performance of any quality issues.
  • Execute Final Inspection of Product to Confirm buyers quality and standards.

The Objectives of quality management system are as follows:

    LURP SOURCING believe that, High quality means high accuracy, compliance with applicable standards, and high customer satisfaction. The Objectives of quality management system are as follows:
  • Understanding the Customers' Quality Requirements.
  • Establish the desired quality standards which are acceptable to the Buyers.
  • Ensure the Needs, Wants, Demands and characteristics of a product.
  • Organizing & Training Quality Control Department.
  • Ensuring Proper Flow of Quality Requirements to the QC Department.
  • Ensuring Proper Flow of Quality Requirements to the Production Department.
  • Establishing Quality Plans, Parameters, Inspection Systems, Frequency, Sampling Techniques, Etc...
  • Inspection, Testing, Measurements As Per Plan.
  • Record Deviations
  • Feed Back to Production Department.
  • Plan for Further Improvement.

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