Compliance & CSR :

IDEA SOURCING LTD always very much concern about CSR, Compliance, Environment, Fire Safety, Occupational Health & Safety and all suppliers under IDEA SOURCING LTD is responsible for maintaining the above all for the betterment of Business and Society . The above all Compliance and CSR activities refers to the business best practices involving initiatives which are benefit society and business.

Our Values

Creating positive impact has always been at the heart of our culture as a company. Our strategic approach really began in 1985, when we rolled out our Social and Ethical Compliance blueprint across our global supply base.

We are committed to working with leading industry eco-communities to further develop our preferred fibre portfolio, and improving industry practices to bring positive environmental and societal changes for our communities.

CSR Manager Speaks

Mr Jack, Manager
CSR, Sustainability & Supplier development dept.

Saddam mixes commercial strategetic thinking and a love of sustainability. “Building a team of eco and ethical specialists is my lifeblood and what gets me excited about the future possibilities,” he says.

A marketing specialist by day, and a wellbeing enthusiast by night, Mou has had a love of bd food since her years as a student.

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